What is the Ramsey Difference?

It's how we deliver that sets us apart. "Our "comfort" process starts with your initial inquiry. After obtaining contact information we ask: What is the purpose of your display? Where is your display to be held? These preliminary questions tell us what kind and size of fireworks can be used and we explain the differences.

Next we arrange a site visit with you to further establish the pyro materials that can be safely used. At that point we fully establish that safety is the paramount factor in your show. We will also show you sight lines for your viewers, establish noise considerations for your neighbors, gain local Fire Dept information and explain the permitting process and help you establish a budget or demonstrate what your budget can buy under different scenarios. In short, we realize you are usually not fluent in "Fireworks Speak" and our goal is to educate you to where you can see what our "in house" considerations are and make comfortable decisions regarding your display.

After contract signing we will furnish you with your insurance certificate listing all interested parties as additional insureds. We do all permitting with the local fire department and co-coordinating with your venue owner regarding our activities prior to and day of show. Our crews arrive on time, in uniform, and do what we said we would do. Our Crew Chiefs will make themselves known to you and their contact information will already be in your hands. Many of us have served in your position as Committee Chairman and can fully relate to your concerns.